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Do I need to credit the artist? If so, how do I credit the artist?
First off yes, any time you use someone else work you should be crediting them for their hard work. Before everything you download on Uptona is a button called credit, this will download a text file to your computer with all the details needed to credit.
How can I make royalty off my content?
You can make royalty off your content by uploading it to Uptona and sharing your links on all your social media accounts.
Ok so you pay me… How, when?
Payment happen via PayPal but do remember to add your PayPal account email to your account settings page. Now payment is disbursed at the end of every month and you have to have at least $5 until we will issue a payment.
How much for me to signed up?
Uptona is free to sign up and use.
  1. Signup
  2. Upload
  3. Share
  4. Get paid
It’s as easy as that
Uptona is not liable for copyright infringement by its users. Please send DMCA notices via email; be sure to include as much information (most importantly the URL) as possible.
How can I get my content on the homepage?
Uptona uses a complex algorithm that finds the best performing content at the current time to showcase on the homepage. The quickest way to be featured on the homepage is to share your content with your following.
What link should I use to promote my audio?
The best link to use is the randomly generated link for each content that you upload.
What social media do you support?
Uptona supports all major social media’s, if we don’t have a social media platform you can always just use Uptona randomly generated link to promote with.
I only use a mobile phone, will that work.
Here at Uptona we know that more than 80% of our user are mobile so we follow a standard called “mobile first”. What this mean is we focus on giving you the best mobile experience we can.
So, I have a cover image for my audio, can I use it?
Of Couse you can and should, it adds a personal touch to each one of your songs. If you don’t have a cover image, we will use your profile image, so all you followers know that this is your page.
I uploaded a song and need to edit it.
This is very common question and to answer it. Yes, all song is able to be edit after the initial upload. Just go to that song and click the edit button.
Questions missing?
Email us at [email protected]
Updated: April 4, 2020
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